About Roots Toddler Community

Roots Toddler Community is a Montessori environment prepared with knowledge for and consideration of the developmental needs of the young child. Through practical and active experiences in a safe environment, the children will develop the tools to becoming socially aware, self-confident and independent members of not only their community at school but also the entire world.

Nestled inside a private home, Roots TC offers a peaceful, child-centered environment in which the children can move freely about, following their own natural intuition and curiosity with the compassionate guidance of a trained Montessori guide and assistant.

The school serves children aged 6 months to three years old and offers children a caring, safe place to make the transition from life at home to life in a school setting. With opportunities for the enrichment of language, refinement of gross and fine motor skills, art, music, practical life (care of self and the environment) and outdoor experiences, the children will foster feelings of success and accomplishment while learning skills that will be useful for the remainder of their lives. With a collaborative effort on behalf of the guide and the parents, the ultimate goal of Roots TC is to "help the child to help themselves."

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