Erin Brown Heyes [Owner/guide]:

Erin Kelly Brown Heyes has been enjoying the nature of children and reveling in their development since she was able to start baby-sitting at age 12. Her dedication to Montessori education began after an undergraduate degree in Journalism was fulfilled though not fulfilling. She completed the Primary training from the Montessori Institute Northwest in Portland, OR. in 2006 and the Assistance to Infancy program at the same location in 2009. This fall, she will wrap up the final work for her masters in Early Childhood Education. Outside of the classroom, Erin loves to spend time with her husband and one year old puppy traveling, camping or just hanging out at home.

Haylie Vollman [ASSISTANT]:

My love of watching children grow began with babysitting in my teenage years and continued throughout my college education, learning about early childhood development and working in a Reggio-Emilia based childcare center. Though my post-college experiences led me into social work and child abuse assessment, having a daughter of my own brought me back to my true passion of helping young minds explore and learn about the world around them. I believe that children are very capable beings and can grow leaps and bounds with the right guidance, respect and love.

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